September 23, 2003


Phosphates basic hydrated aluminium and copper.

A celestial blue color , blue-green with brown inclusions, it is opaque, tender and porous.

In the East, in Tibet, in Egypt, in Turkey, in Greece, these various cultures privilege this stone for its many properties.

It vibrates carefully and protects from dangers and accidents. Having one in the vehicle is advantageous.
Stone of friendship, it helps to distinguish the beneficial relations from the harmful ones. It acts on the intuition making it possible to detect the positive and the negative of a situation.

It refines the aesthetic senses and supports the will of action, attracts happiness and wisdom and increases the comprehension and the level of conscience.

The Turquoise regenerates and detoxicates all the body and is beneficial for the liver.

Posted by Altist at September 23, 2003 12:38 PM
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