September 24, 2003

Rock Crystal / Quartz


Dioxyde of silicon
Incolore and transparent


The passion for this transparent stone which is of pure silicic acid is a sign of times : as more as there is more darkness as more as we are in search for light.

We find the rock crystal in many places on planet and it is appreciated in all the cultures. It maintains or restores the equilibrium between the body and the mind.

It is its luminous energy which dissolves all energy blockings and impurities. It receives, stores, activates and transmits energy and thus neutralizes, the negative vibrations. On the mental side, it vitalizes and clarifies the thought and makes the dreams clearer.
The rock crystal relieves the depression, the unease of transport, the pains and the diarrhoea. Positively charges drinkable water.

Posted by Altist at September 24, 2003 12:20 PM
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