September 29, 2003


Borosilicates of aluminium, iron, magnesium,
Pink red, yellow, blue and black. Transparent and opaque.


This gem can have various chemical compositions which gives it as many different colors and thus, will exert as much varied effects.
But its basic structure is always same the, rhomboédric one: lengthened crystal whose section is triangular with the round side faces. It is a powerful gem. It inspires nobility and refinement because that's what it stimulates. It keeps the mind clear and vigorous and raises the head upright. It is thus useful against the disorders of equilibrium, physicaly and mentally.
This gem is excellent for kids that learns how to walk or the old person having difficulty to move. Red or pink tourmaline gives energy, the blue one alleviates and the green one neutralizes. Black tourmaline transforms our own negativity into positive attitudes and is useful against the electrostatic effects. It attenuates anger, jealousy and anxiety and supports altruism. It is good against arthrites.

Posted by Altist at September 29, 2003 04:43 PM
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