October 31, 2003

How to get one? and maybe some more

The payment by credit card is accepted by the intermediare of PayPal, or if you have another preference please contact us for arrangement. The selected gem will reach you by mail with a neat presentation. If instead you prefer the velour bag or the classy box, please add 5.00$ to your payment.
You can also get a gold plated chain (10/1000 18 carats) or genuine silver measuring 50 cm at the price of 9.00$.

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October 25, 2003

Ambre with inclusions

This simple pendent , of yellow rather honey comes from Poland. Without any added stone, this amber has some tiny inclusions and releases much warm energy.

size = = H: 0,98 in; l: 0.78 in; p: 0.59 in.
= H: 2,5 cm; l: 2 cm; p: 1,5 cm.

Price: 49$ US

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Mix of various resin
Yellow honey with brown, red and transparent or opaque
This mineral is a fossil resin, it is light and sometimes includes seeds, brushwood or insects, which can confer more value to it.
Genuine small sun, Ambre brings optimism and success and has all the positive properties of the solar energy like heat... It influence the holder in becoming a warmer being. Ambre protects from bad-eye and supports the physical well being. The more transparent ambre is, the more its energy is powerful. Beneficial for babies who start having their teeth. It helps against tiredness, deep depression and even phobias. Carried close to the trachea, it helps the asthmatic.

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