September 30, 2003

Amethyste spear head

TourmalineThis pretty pendent presents a rough amethyst with a purple neither pale, nor dark coming from Brazil. Without added stone, this amethyst which touches the skin on the level of the neck will act against the tensions and will alleviate the stress.

size = = H: 0,86 in; l: 0.59 in; p: 0.35 in.
= H: 2,2 cm; l: 1,5 cm; p: 0,9 cm.


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September 26, 2003

Citrine & Amethyst

This pendent is made of rough Citrine from Madagascar and is assembled with a gross Amethyst head from Brazil. Both belongs to the quartz gem family.
These two gems combined make of this jewel a helpful support for elimination of negativity, to increase perseverance and for purification.

Size = H: 3 cm; l: 2 cm; p: 1 cm.
= H: 1,18 in; l: 0,78 in; d: 0.39 in.


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September 24, 2003


Crystal de roche

This pendent is made of a rough rock crystal coming from Brazil and is assembled with a bead of Opal of Fire from Australia.
The synergy of the two stones amplify there potential, carrying this jewel lets you eliminates negativity around you and activates your own purification. Require opening on your own weaknesses. It is wise to know how to purify your stones.

size = H: 1,18 in; l: 0,88 in; p: 0.67 in.
= H: 3 cm; l: 2,24cm; p: 1,7 cm.

Price: 54$ US

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