October 25, 2003


Mix of various resin
Yellow honey with brown, red and transparent or opaque
This mineral is a fossil resin, it is light and sometimes includes seeds, brushwood or insects, which can confer more value to it.
Genuine small sun, Ambre brings optimism and success and has all the positive properties of the solar energy like heat... It influence the holder in becoming a warmer being. Ambre protects from bad-eye and supports the physical well being. The more transparent ambre is, the more its energy is powerful. Beneficial for babies who start having their teeth. It helps against tiredness, deep depression and even phobias. Carried close to the trachea, it helps the asthmatic.

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September 30, 2003


Dioxide of silicon with presence of iron and manganese.
Purple, lilac to dark purple and transparent

the gem most known of all is used formerly against alcoolism (A-methyl = anti-alcohol).
It purifies, amplifies and harmonizes the body and mind. The amethyste dissipates anger and egoïsm. It calms excesses, that's why it is useful against all forms of drug-addiction.
Good for relaxing and meditation, it is the gem which has strongest spiritual energy. The applications of amethyste are numerous. It acts on the climate of a place and confers peace and purity on it. It is advised for the liver, eye, headaches and burns. It improves blood circulation and slackens the muscles of the nape of the neck and the shoulders.

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September 29, 2003


Borosilicates of aluminium, iron, magnesium,
Pink red, yellow, blue and black. Transparent and opaque.


This gem can have various chemical compositions which gives it as many different colors and thus, will exert as much varied effects.
But its basic structure is always same the, rhomboédric one: lengthened crystal whose section is triangular with the round side faces. It is a powerful gem. It inspires nobility and refinement because that's what it stimulates. It keeps the mind clear and vigorous and raises the head upright. It is thus useful against the disorders of equilibrium, physicaly and mentally.
This gem is excellent for kids that learns how to walk or the old person having difficulty to move. Red or pink tourmaline gives energy, the blue one alleviates and the green one neutralizes. Black tourmaline transforms our own negativity into positive attitudes and is useful against the electrostatic effects. It attenuates anger, jealousy and anxiety and supports altruism. It is good against arthrites.

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September 26, 2003



Silicon dioxide

Yellow to gilded brown and transparent

This semi-precious gem is from the quartz family. Called also safranite or simili Topaz.
It has a vitalizing and a luminous energy and warming action, therefore good for places where there is patients or a need to sheer up. It brings joy, optimism and intelligence. Also, it refines the concentration what makes it extremely useful in meditation or exams periods of over work.
The citrine regenerates the skin and tissues , heart, kidneys, liver and muscular system. It restores the correct operation of the solar plexus and attenuates, tiredness, sadness and agressivity.

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September 24, 2003

Rock Crystal / Quartz


Dioxyde of silicon
Incolore and transparent


The passion for this transparent stone which is of pure silicic acid is a sign of times : as more as there is more darkness as more as we are in search for light.

We find the rock crystal in many places on planet and it is appreciated in all the cultures. It maintains or restores the equilibrium between the body and the mind.

It is its luminous energy which dissolves all energy blockings and impurities. It receives, stores, activates and transmits energy and thus neutralizes, the negative vibrations. On the mental side, it vitalizes and clarifies the thought and makes the dreams clearer.
The rock crystal relieves the depression, the unease of transport, the pains and the diarrhoea. Positively charges drinkable water.

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September 23, 2003


Phosphates basic hydrated aluminium and copper.

A celestial blue color , blue-green with brown inclusions, it is opaque, tender and porous.

In the East, in Tibet, in Egypt, in Turkey, in Greece, these various cultures privilege this stone for its many properties.

It vibrates carefully and protects from dangers and accidents. Having one in the vehicle is advantageous.
Stone of friendship, it helps to distinguish the beneficial relations from the harmful ones. It acts on the intuition making it possible to detect the positive and the negative of a situation.

It refines the aesthetic senses and supports the will of action, attracts happiness and wisdom and increases the comprehension and the level of conscience.

The Turquoise regenerates and detoxicates all the body and is beneficial for the liver.

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