October 31, 2003

How to get one? and maybe some more

The payment by credit card is accepted by the intermediare of PayPal, or if you have another preference please contact us for arrangement. The selected gem will reach you by mail with a neat presentation. If instead you prefer the velour bag or the classy box, please add 5.00$ to your payment.
You can also get a gold plated chain (10/1000 18 carats) or genuine silver measuring 50 cm at the price of 9.00$.

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September 18, 2003


This is a place in cyberspace where you will find information on the characteristics of the stones, like their visual qualities and their properties as well as the type of artisanal work that I make in order to carry them as pendants.

With this intention there are several possible options, making holes or applying adhesive to them. And the latter is harmfull for the stone's energy.

The technique that I have developed since 1993 consists in surrounding them by a copper wire ending in an eyelet in order to be able to pass a cord or a chain. Then, when these stones are tied up in a pretty manner, I soak them in gold baths which, thanks to a technique by electrolysis, the noble metal get fixed in a thin layer on the metal basis. There are certain stones like the hematite or the pyrite which will retain gold on all their surface because they contain more iron which has same attraction here as copper. The result is splendid.
I sold these stones in France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Africa and in the United States in specialized fairs. From now on being installed in Canada with these customers dispersed on the planet, I decided to offer my collections on the Internet.

Last but not least, I would like to paraphrase the saying of an 'apple', I will say: A stone per day attracts the customer from far away. Thus, I count on your regular visits and you will have the possibility of discovering new stones and works every day.

For more info: on the conditions of purchases, on the stone of the day, and their properties.

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